Friday, July 10, 2009

Japanese Washi Paper Sale!

I hope you all don't think I'm getting spammy on you, but for those of you washi junkies (you know who you are!) I wanted to let you know about a huge sale I'm having in my supply shop!

Here's the deal:
If you buy 2 or more of any size sheet of washi, then half sheets are $5 each and 1/8 sheets are $2 each. Don't pay at checkout! I'll send you a revised invoice.

And for those of you who couldn't care less about things like washi paper, I'll be back to talking about art in no time ;)


maoiliosa said...

washi junkie right here! ;D

Anonymous said...

Yummy yummy washi!! (Profound huh?!)

Paperback Writer said...

What an awful time to be dirt poor. Hope you have another washi paper sale in...October?